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Blog :: 03-2021

Spring Construction Update

The Spring Effect. Spring is definitely in the air and it has paved the way for some serious progress at The Broadway of Asheville. The longer, brighter days have offered optimal temperature and working conditions for reaching our summer completion date.

What are we loving this week? The curved window features are taking shape and adding plenty of character to the 3k gross square feet Griffith floor plan.  The smallest of the three floor plans, when the Griffith lacks in square footage (and let's be honest, we're really only talking an 800 square feet difference between the Griffith and the largest floor plan, the Queen Anne) it makes up for in style. Details like this curved window feature instantly bring a unique design element to the residences and the sky's the limit for interior design inspiration (we're conjuring images of cozy book nooks, built in library's, mini-offices, etc..).  


Let's pan over the current progress! As building two continues its swift construction pace, we get a great bird's eye view from the expert drone work of John Warner of John Warner Photography. See the teams hard at work in buildings one and two. stay tuned for progress as we get closer and closer to completing the roof on our first building! 

The Broadway of Asheville Construction Progress: March 2021

Construction Progress at The Broadway–One Year Later.  

it's hard to believe that this time last year we were examining construction schedules, contingencies, and trying our best to anticipate the impacts of a growing pandemic on The Broadway's development timeline. We were lucky. Many local businesses have had a much more difficult road, whether it's our neighbors in the food service industry or entertainment, so many have had to reduce hours of operation or close their doors altogether. 

The Broadway was lucky in many respects. Our marketing efforts were well underway and with construction outdoors and socially distanced, we were able to move along according to schedule, deterred only by inclement weather. 

As we approach spring, it's encouraging to see our neighbors and local businesses begin to emerge from a long year, hopeful and optimistic for all that 2021 has in store. Many businesses have begun to welcome back employees, and those working at reduced wages are returning to pre-pandemic pay. Festivals and Local businesses in the entertainment industry have begun to schedule events for the summer and fall of this year. We are so excited to see this gradual return to "normalcy" and witness our local community flourish and thrive again. What's different in March, 2021? Perhaps its an awareness of how much a community pulls together during challenging times. That we're not alone. It might be one of the silver linings of 2020 we cherish and use to inform a path forward.  


Continuing the thread of optimism in 2021, The Broadway has big plans this year–we expect to complete the first building and as of mid-March, we have two units currently available for sale. Interest has been steady and committed. We are incredibly excited about the wonderful community we are building here at The Broadway. Our residents will enjoy the best of both worlds; close enough to enjoy downtown from a walk, bike, or drive away, while the backdrop of Montford's historic homes and leafy streets create a picture book setting. 

So where are we now? Taking a look at the images below and you'll notice we've reached the third story and our rooftop terraces are taking shape. Roofing is underway and brickwork continues to cover the gable ends. The biggest change in the past few months? Scale! Viewing the city skyline in the distance and the busy corridor along Broadway and you get the immediate sense of scale at The Broadway. Whether it's the Queen Anne residence that occupies the corner residences, the elegance of the Zillicoa, or the smartly designed efficiency of The Griffith, everyone shares the level views, the privacy, and the four floors their property encompasses, inclusive of garage and storage. 

Stay tuned for more updates! 


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