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The Broadway's May Update & Late Spring Progress Report

There's no question the location of The Broadway is ideal for people seeking downtown pursuits, but its access to North Asheville provides a wide range of services from grocery stores to some of Asheville's most popular dining spots. With close access to the UNCA campus, the weekly North Asheville Tailgate Market draws people from near and far seeking locally produced organic food, prepared items, crafts, and even occasional entertainment. 

Being anchored by the Five Points neighborhood is a huge plus for The Broadway. Extending the residential community, leafy, tree-lined streets with a mixture of architectural styles, the surrounding neighborhoods add character, diversity, and a vibrancy that is quintessentially Asheville. 

Speaking of vibrancy, the progress over at The Broadway is really starting to take shape. The first building of three already has roof on and windows installed. It is striking progress from the beginning of the year. What's next? Continued work on buildings two and three, roofing, exterior brickwork, landscaping and of course, the interior finishes. We're looking forward to sharing the finished project with you this fall.



You can clearly see the progress of building one, which borders Elizabeth St. and is across the street from Little Jumbo cocktail bar, a much-loved local that serves small bites and entertains with live jazz events weekly. Ideal for those easing back into public life, the outdoor covered patio is a new addition this year and we can't wait to take in the magic hour sipping our Palomas. 

That northerly view is on great display below, taking in the Pioneer building and panning out across our beautiful mountain range. We really are spoiled with natural beauty here in Asheville and Western North Carolina. 

Thanks for following our updates–we look forward to sharing more progress very soon! 

Spring Construction Update

The Spring Effect. Spring is definitely in the air and it has paved the way for some serious progress at The Broadway of Asheville. The longer, brighter days have offered optimal temperature and working conditions for reaching our summer completion date.

What are we loving this week? The curved window features are taking shape and adding plenty of character to the 3k gross square feet Griffith floor plan.  The smallest of the three floor plans, when the Griffith lacks in square footage (and let's be honest, we're really only talking an 800 square feet difference between the Griffith and the largest floor plan, the Queen Anne) it makes up for in style. Details like this curved window feature instantly bring a unique design element to the residences and the sky's the limit for interior design inspiration (we're conjuring images of cozy book nooks, built in library's, mini-offices, etc..).  


Let's pan over the current progress! As building two continues its swift construction pace, we get a great bird's eye view from the expert drone work of John Warner of John Warner Photography. See the teams hard at work in buildings one and two. stay tuned for progress as we get closer and closer to completing the roof on our first building! 

The Broadway of Asheville Construction Progress: March 2021

Construction Progress at The Broadway–One Year Later.  

it's hard to believe that this time last year we were examining construction schedules, contingencies, and trying our best to anticipate the impacts of a growing pandemic on The Broadway's development timeline. We were lucky. Many local businesses have had a much more difficult road, whether it's our neighbors in the food service industry or entertainment, so many have had to reduce hours of operation or close their doors altogether. 

The Broadway was lucky in many respects. Our marketing efforts were well underway and with construction outdoors and socially distanced, we were able to move along according to schedule, deterred only by inclement weather. 

As we approach spring, it's encouraging to see our neighbors and local businesses begin to emerge from a long year, hopeful and optimistic for all that 2021 has in store. Many businesses have begun to welcome back employees, and those working at reduced wages are returning to pre-pandemic pay. Festivals and Local businesses in the entertainment industry have begun to schedule events for the summer and fall of this year. We are so excited to see this gradual return to "normalcy" and witness our local community flourish and thrive again. What's different in March, 2021? Perhaps its an awareness of how much a community pulls together during challenging times. That we're not alone. It might be one of the silver linings of 2020 we cherish and use to inform a path forward.  


Continuing the thread of optimism in 2021, The Broadway has big plans this year–we expect to complete the first building and as of mid-March, we have two units currently available for sale. Interest has been steady and committed. We are incredibly excited about the wonderful community we are building here at The Broadway. Our residents will enjoy the best of both worlds; close enough to enjoy downtown from a walk, bike, or drive away, while the backdrop of Montford's historic homes and leafy streets create a picture book setting. 

So where are we now? Taking a look at the images below and you'll notice we've reached the third story and our rooftop terraces are taking shape. Roofing is underway and brickwork continues to cover the gable ends. The biggest change in the past few months? Scale! Viewing the city skyline in the distance and the busy corridor along Broadway and you get the immediate sense of scale at The Broadway. Whether it's the Queen Anne residence that occupies the corner residences, the elegance of the Zillicoa, or the smartly designed efficiency of The Griffith, everyone shares the level views, the privacy, and the four floors their property encompasses, inclusive of garage and storage. 

Stay tuned for more updates! 


Our Interior Selections Offer Outstanding Choice

The Broadway Interiors.

The Broadway's Interior Features offer an outstanding array of selections that allow our homeowners the opportunity to customize the interior finishes of their homes.

    Creating a home to reflect your unique style is an important part of your journey at The Broadway.  Begin by exploring our gallery of interior finishes, browsing a selection of products, finishes, and fixtures to inspire the Interior Selections process. 


Meet Our Neighbors: All Day Darling

When it comes to the Montford neighborhood that surrounds The Broadway, community is second nature. If you want to experience a blend of Historic Montford, rubbing shoulders (figuratively speaking) with professionals, local politicians, construction workers, students, and the casually hip, look no further than the literal darlings of Montford Ave., All Day Darling.

Hint: It’s about the relationship. Dining at All Day Darling and it’s easy to see the relationships that have formed over time—with small producers and local farms and the enigmatic and fiercely local proprietor, Jacob Sessoms, who seems to sprinkle a magic dust of success on all of his culinary projects from the esteemed Table, The Imperial Life, and most recently All Day Darling. A James Beard Award semifinalist for Best Chef Southeast in 2010, this talented chef has earned the nickname of, “the grandfather of creative cooking” in Asheville.

Everyone has a favorite dish. Ours? It could very well be a three-way tie between the Shakshuka, the Darling Burger, or the Grain Salad. But don’t underestimate the addictive powers of All Day Darling’s bakery selections. The finest croissants in The South will have you lined up each morning for your daily fix. Don’t miss a meal—check their website for “Corona Hours” in advance.

All Day Darling is located at 102 Montford Avenue in Asheville’s Historic Montford neighborhood. | 828.505.3701

Experience Broadway Street Like a Local

People who live in the communities surrounding Broadway love the area for so many reasons. The close proximity to downtown and the cultural pursuits that await you are enticing, however it’s the local vibe that really attracts an audience looking for something a bit more off the beaten path.

Anchored at the start of Broadway just under the bridge coming from downtown, is where you’ll find the iconic presence of MOOG Music Inc., Asheville’s home to the legacy of a pioneer of synthesized sound, Bob Moog. Here if you know the difference between the Mini-Moog, the Moog Subharmonicon, and the Moog Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer you just might be a local.

Archetype Broadway is Archetype Brewing’s downtown taproom and provides a cozy intimate space to get acquainted with some of this city’s most exciting Belgian-inspired brews. Currently open as of 7/1 with reduced capacity in the taproom or outdoor patio.

Morning coffee was never so easy and your choices range from local faves High Five Brewing across the street from The Broadway or All Day Darling, Montford’s local with a capital L, serving up coffee and the days freshest baked goods and farm-to-table menu items.

When the day has come to a close, stroll to the corner of Broadway and Elizabeth Street for Little Jumbo’s classic cocktails and delicious small bites (temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, Little Jumbo can’t wait to reopen). Have a spirit and need some inspiration? Email and they’ll reply with an easy to make-at-home recipe sure to earn you instant street cred in your household.

All of the above businesses are conveniently located near, next to, or across the street from, The Broadway of Asheville. Did we miss something? Have any questions? Let us know! The community is constantly growing and it is our pleasure to share it with you.

Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Parks and Greenways

One thing that might surprise visitors to Asheville (and a few residents alike!) looking for that perfect blend of urban living and mountain retreat, are the plentiful parks and greenways that surround the city.

Asheville Parks and Recreation maintains 54 public parks and 6 miles of greenway, all within city limits. Surrounding The Broadway you can grab your hiking books or running shoes, hop on the Reed Creek Greenway, and connect with other city Greenways or a multitude of parks and natural amenities like the Botanical Gardens!

Beginning at the Botanical Gardens on W.T. Weaver Boulevard, the picturesque Reed Creek Greenway runs parallel to Broadway and ambles between a park-like setting and a distinctly urban landscape as the greenway traverses Broadway into a portion of downtown Asheville. A Greenway that runs right up to The Broadway? You heard it correctly!

The City of Asheville has compiled an interactive Greenways Map and mailing list to stay informed of the area’s expanding system of greenways throughout the city.

Creek Restoration Is In Progress!

Over the past 18 months, our team here at The Broadway of Asheville have been working with Headwaters Engineering to restore a portion of Reed Creek. Local residents may have noticed the stream banks declining condition over the years. It has been our intention to restore this portion of the stream and, in turn, enhance the living conditions for native flora and fauna.

Kevin Kerr, Developer at The Broadway Asheville explains, “Our creek restoration project entails riverway improvements including rock formations and re-vegetation, clearing debris, and improving the flow of the river. As The Broadway construction progresses, residents in Montford will discover a noticeably cleaner and clearer section of Reed Creek to enjoy and admire.” —Kevin Kerr, Developer | The Broadway

Jay Lurie, Developer at The Broadway Asheville adds, “The Reed Creek Stream Restoration project is a winwin for residents and the environment. Efforts like the Reed Creek Stream Restoration project add to Asheville’s natural beauty and contribute to the health of our environment.” —Jay Lurie, Developer | The Broadway 

Working together with Headwaters Engineering, we are restoring and protecting this incredibly valuable community asset. The restored creek can be enjoyed and admired for generations to come. 

“The restoration project will focus on a tributary to Reed Creek from its headwaters downstream of Starnes Avenue to the bridge at Elizabeth Street. Neglected for decades and used as a dumping ground for waste concrete and other debris, the restored stream will include a series of stone structures that will stabilize the stream bed and create riffle-pool sequences similar to what existed before the neighborhood was developed in the early 1900’s. The project will also establish riparian buffers using native plant species such as dogwood, willow, elderberry and ninebark.” —Andrew Bick, PE | Principal Engineer, Headwaters Engineering, PC 

The result is an environmentally cleaned-up and re-landscaped section of Reed Creek between Elizabeth Street and Starnes Avenue, allowing for long-term sustainability and transforming an underutilized site into a vibrant and engaging center of residential connectivity along Broadway’s gateway corridor. 

2020 is an exciting year for the Broadway Street corridor. The Broadway Asheville, a modern, 20-home community showcasing today’s urban brownstone living, is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2021! 

The Broadway Begins

Welcome to our blog for The Broadway of Asheville! Earlier this year, we announced our new 20-home project, The Broadway, located along the Broadway corridor bordering Historic Montford. As 2020 further unfolds, we look forward to sharing our build progress with you.

We know that community is key—as developers, Jay Lurie & Kevin Kerr understand the importance of being a part of a strong local community. Our relationships with many of the businesses surrounding The Broadway are collaborative and generous. In fact, we often begin our day onsite with a first stop at HighFive Coffee, just across the street (currently open for take out).

A few streets down, one of Asheville's tastiest cafe's is All Day Darling—whether it's Sunday pizza night, Saturday brunch, or a quick and fresh bakery pit stop, we can't get enough of Jacob Sessom's Montford bakery and eatery (now also offering a grocery menu for curbside pickup!). We are fortunate to be flanked by the cocktail bar Little Jumbo to the North and Archetype Brewing to the south. Is it any wonder the location of The Broadway is considered by so many to be unparalleled?

Working outdoors in reduced numbers during the current COVID-19 pandemic, our team has been effective in implementing the dramatic creek restoration, while also readying the site for the next phase of construction.

Recently, our siteworks have included leveling the ground and clearing earth and debris in order to prepare for the foundation.

Just in! Take a peek at our new high-resolution renderings of the project that showcase the scale and elegance of this modern brownstone style project. You can also view these images throughout our website.

The street level renders are reminiscent of Brooklyn brownstone walk-ups, bringing these homes central to the community and Broadway corridor, yet possessing enough setback to make it more friendly and visually appealing at the street level.

From the air, you get a sense of the project scale and the incredible situation so close to downtown. Occupying a unique position in this leafy Montford community provides access to an array of services and amenities that are conveniently located right outside your front door.

The Broadway

Soon, The Broadway will come to life. A collection of twenty newly constructed residences offering a fresh and modern take on urban living.

First impressions are bound to impress—a range of space and floor plans offer between 2,000 – 2,600 heated square feet over three floors, including personal elevator. Additional square footage includes a lower level garage, impressive rooftop deck, and balconies. The Broadway is simply unparalleled living unmatched in any series of single-family townhouses in Asheville.

Front or rear access to each residence is free of common areas. The Broadway offers a welcoming and discreet residential experience, set against a backdrop of one of Asheville’s most storied and desirable neighborhoods.

Get an idea of what you can expect from The Broadway by viewing our community video. The Broadway of Asheville is coming, Summer 2021.



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